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Equipment List



4x Turbosound TA500 Aspect Wide 600w 2-way Active FOH
4x Turbosound TMS4 600w 2-way Active FOH
4x Turbosound NuQ15 600w 2-way Active FOH/Monitor
2x Turbosound TFM302 300w Passive Monitor
2x Turbosound TCS15m 340w Passive Monitor
2x Turbosound THL818 400w Bass enclosure
4x Turbosound TXD12m FOH/Monitor
4x Audioform AF218.1 1.2Kw Bass enclosure
4x Absolute Audio Zeus 4 1.2Kw Bass enclosure
4x Absolute Audio Piglet 212 700w 2-way Active FOH
4x Absolute Audio Koala 12m 350w Passive FOH/Monitor
4x Audioform AF15m 350w Passive FOH/Monitor


We carry a wide variety of amplifiers including Turbosound, Ecler, MC2, Crown and QSC. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements.

Mixing Desks

Yamaha LS9 32 channel digital mixer
Midas Venice 32 channel / 6 aux / 4 group
Yamaha Promix 01V96 Digital 16 channel / 4 aux
Soundcraft Ghost 48 channel (24 mic / 24 tape) / 8 grp / 8 aux / 32out
Soundcraft LX7 16 channel / 6 aux / 4 group
DDA Forum 30 channel / 12 Aux



1x Klark-Teknik DN360 - dual 30 band graphic EQ
1x Alesis DEQ 830 - digital 8 channel 30 band graphic EQ
2x MXR 30 band graphic EQ
2x Phonic i7600 - digital 30 band graphic EQ
2x DBX 1231 - 31 band graphic EQ
1x Lexicon MPX1 - multi fx
1x Yamaha SPX900 - multi fx
2x Alesis Midiverb - multi fx
1x Alesis Quadraverb - multi fx
1x Drawmer DS504 - Quadgate
1x Drawmer DS201 - Stereo gate
1x Straightgate - Stereo gate
3x DBX 266XL - compressor
2x Alesis 3060 - compressor
1x Tascam CD Player
1x Minidisk/DAT on request



2x Shure beta 58
2x Shure beta 57
16x Shure SM58
6x Shure SM57
4x Sennheiser ev 604
1x AKG D112
2x AKG 451 condensers
1x Audix D6
1x Audix D1
2x Audix D2
1x Audix D4
  K & M mic stands



Suitable for live or studio work. Professional mixing facilities also avalible.


Soundcraft Ghost 24 channel + Tape Returns / 8 grp / 8 aux / 32out
ProTools Digi003 Fully rackmounted Mac based 16 Channel simultaious recording facility 
Alesis HD24 Digital Hard Disk Recorder 24 Channel Simultanious recording facility